3: Story Time

Two problems.

Firstly, I froze during the first night while I was outside camping, so, I slept in a cave.  It was warmer, but still damp as a wet towel.  I survived the night.  However, this planet lacks amenities for winter camping, as well as winter sports.  If it snowed, at least I could try out some of my skiing skills, the ones I don’t have and only dream of having.  But it’s a dry red rock, and cold, like hell without the heat.

Secondly, my knee is swollen.  My fall, my injury; well it wasn’t minor after all.  So, I’m using a trekking pole to help me as I limp along.  When I find the Chrysonite I’ll need to head back to the ship and get myself patched up.  Once the ship is working the medic A.I. should fix me up smartly.

On the second day, late in the afternoon, I found Chrysonite, joy oh joy.  Now to get back to the ship before I die out here.

I didn’t make it back to the ship.  Just before dusk I came across something.  It’s a structure in ruins; alien, with auburn shaded markings on the walls and pillars.  I just had to investigate, it’s the explorer in me.  Without realizing, it grew dark, fast, so I spent another night outside, this time in the ruins.  The main building offered some comfort from the weather, even though there were no windows or doors.  Still, the view was breathtaking, in a freezing sort of way.


In the morning, I found a strange circular shape carved out of the fragmented stone on the ground—a plaque of sorts.  When I touched it, it sprang to life.  A bizarre sphere rose out of the plaque and spun in midair.  I then lost track of all time and senses.  A language I had never heard before filled my head, and yet I understood, a story played out in crashing silence.  The destruction of Korvax Prime and the ascent of the Gek.  Who the hell were the Gek?

I cannot tell how the truth may be;

I say the tale as it was said to me.

Sir Walter Scott

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